Private lessons and activating bodywork - specific for you.

PILATES method

PILATES is a systematic excercise method based on the teaching and philosophy of Joseph Pilates.

It emphasizes core stability (abdomen, back, pelvic girdle) while increasing strenght and flexibility of the whole body. The method can be helpful to correct muscular imbalances, achieve propper breathing patterns, improve posture and body awareness.

Concentration, centering, control, breathing, precision and flow are the prinziples guiding through all lessons. The excercises are performed on a mat, specific designed traditional PILATES equippment (reformer, cadillac, chair, ladder barrel and more) and can be supported by contemporary props.



GYROKINESIS® is a holistic movement method created by Juliu Horvath.

It emphasizes spinal suppleness, functional strenght and flexibility of the whole body. All flowing and rhythmic excercise sequences are coordinated with specific breathing patterns.

It is a unique aproach to achieve freedom of movement, wellbeing and mental clearity. The exercises are performed on a stool, on the mat and standing.



GYROTONIC® is a unique movement method created by Juliu Horvath and grounds on the GYROKINESIS® method.

Arching, spiraling and circular movements are jointed in flowing, rhythmical sequences and combined with specific breathing patterns. These attributs are characteristic for both methods as well as the focus on spinal suppleness and core connection while facilitating freedom of movement of the whole body. 

GYROTONIC® can help to improve movement efficiency and agility, to increase strenght, flexibility and range of motion in all joints - without any compression. The practice allows the body to expand and open and the mind to become awake and calm. 

The exercises are performed on special handycrafted equippment like pully tower combination unit.



YOGA means 'union' or 'connection' in Sanskrit. Awareness is the secret of YOGA. Conscious practice of ansanas (body exercises), breathing techniques, relaxation excercises and meditation can allow to find greater awareness and connection to self and life.

AYURYOGA is a gentle YOGA practice based on the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya (India). The practice is exactly adapted to the individual condition at the present moment. Specific body excercises are choosen and completed with breathing and relaxation excercises as well as meditation.

The practice can help to reduce stress, improve balance in body and mind, provide connection to intuition and to live, increase awareness of physical and mental patterns. YOGA is practiced on the mat and suported with blocks, cushions and belts.


Passive bodywork

Passive bodywork combines several treatment techniques based on recent findings of physical balance.

It includes joint mobilisations, gentle stretches and punctual massages. It can be helpful to reduce unnecessary tension in muscular and fascial tissue, promote lymphatic and blood flow and support optimal posture and movement patterns.

Passive bodywork is applied in lying, seated and standing positions in conventional movement clothes.